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welcome to a psycho mind

Welcome all to!! Here I will endeavour to give you insight into the mind of a sufferer of Psychosis.

My name is Danny DaSilva, let me start by saying, I am NOT a Medical Professional, Doctor, Coach or an Expert in the subject matter, everything on this site is for informational purposes only so that you can get a deeper understanding into the illness from a holistic level, including it’s socioeconomic effects. I strongly advise if needed, you seek the help of a qualified Medical Professional i.e a Psychiatrist, Psychologist or General Practitioner for full diagnosis and treatment.

my condition

I suffer from Psychosis, Chronic Schizophrenia & Borderline Personality Disorder, and can share from first hand experience the trauma I went through (and still am going through) living with these mental health conditions, in the belief that if you or any of your Friends or Family have been diagnosed with these illnesses, there is hope through right knowledge, understanding & resources to ease the pain and anguish. The main reason for starting this blog is to give back to the Community including the British NHS Mental Health System for all their help and support over the years, as had I been in another part of the World I would have been forgotten about or even worse dead.

the blog purpose

This Blog is a semi autobiography about my journey of self discovery to date and ongoing, how I dealt with the illness, and more importantly the lessons that I learnt along the way which I hope can benefit the reader. What I would like to highlight is that the condition is a blessing and a curse and affects all individuals differently, as I will explain in more detail within the blog posts.

Various issues and subject matter will be discussed which directly or indirectly affect Mental Illness, specifically Psychosis, including the possible causes of Psychosis, addiction, violence, hearing voices, hallucinations, spirituality and other related subject matter.

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