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  • Danny DaSilva

Mood Chart

Updated: May 25, 2023

The scale below is not meant to be definitive but is an indicator of possible cluster of behaviour patterns of individuals who are suffering from Psychosis, Schizophrenia and/or Bipolar .

Through future posts I will now and then be referring to the scale below and give realistic examples of what I went through at different stages, as every individuals experience is different and the degrees at which one is affected varies from person to person.

I was told once by a Doctor that it all starts with Depression, then Deep Depression and so onto Schizophrenia. The term 'Depressed' is used very commonly and loosely by people who maybe describing their feelings of being just 'Low', these feelings of diagnosed 'Depression' do not just come & go at a whim, they stay for an extended indefinite period of time, which if this is the case then Professional Medical help & advise should be sought as a matter of urgency otherwise symptoms could escalate from bad to worse and possibly requiring some form of medication and/or hospitalisation.


10 – Total loss of judgement, Exorbitant spending, Religious delusions and hallucinations.

9 – Lost touch with reality, Incoherent, No sleep, Paranoid and vindictive, Reckless behaviour.


8 – Inflated self-esteem, Rapid thoughts & speech, Counter-productive simultaneous tasks.

7 – Very productive, Everything to excess ( phone calls, writing, smoking, tea ), Charming and talkative.


6 – Self-Esteem Good, Optimistic, Sociable and Articulate, Good Decisions and Get Work done.

5 – Mood in Balance, No Symptoms of Depression or Mania. Life is going well and the outlook is good.

4 – Slight withdrawal from social situations, Concentration less than usual, Slight agitation.


3 – Feelings of panic and anxiety, Difficulty in concentration and poor memory, Some comfort in routine.

2 – Slow thinking, No appetite, Need to be alone, Sleep is excessive or difficult, Everything is a struggle.


1 – Feelings of hopelessness and guilt, Thoughts of suicide, Little movement, Impossible to do anything.

0 – Endless suicidal thoughts, No way out, No movement, Everything is bleak and it will always be like this.


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