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  • Danny DaSilva

Mind Stream 1

Updated: May 25, 2023

Mind Stream 1

Firstly apologies for the gap in the communication of the blog posts…..I have been suffering from what you might term as an Existential Crisis !! or a Mid-life Crisis !!

Going forward I will persevere to write 1 post a month to the blog initially and take it from there.

The way I will be structuring the blog posts hereon can be described as “ Streaming Consciousness “, a free flow of information, data from the divine, Spiritual and /or Psychological experience, ( “ When your in the FLOW, your in the KNOW “ ). Each blog post will be called a “ Mind Stream “, starting with this post, i.e. Mind Stream 1, then 2,3,4….nth, I will try and show my understanding and the way I see this World, Humanity and all that is. I will draw from all schools of thought and knowledge as much as I can and able to and try to justify using arguments based on sound logical premise which come from Critical & Root Cause Analysis. Two aspects about the TRUTH, It HURTS but/and it has NO SIDE, it stands alone. For me personally I have found Journaling to be an absolute therapeutic vent/channel/medium for mental Energy/Creativity. Everyone is different, experiment and choose what resonates with you, I also incorporate AQUA Therapy in my Life routine i.e. Swimming / Steam / Sauna / Jacuzzi / Sea gazing / Aquarium fish watching ( I have yet to take up fishing !! ), which in turn helps manage stress & anxiety levels, the element of WATER has a very calming effect on my Nature and Psyche.

Free association & Free writing have long been apart of mainstream Psychology, and which are the basis of Freudian Psychotherapy. Tony Buzan, the creator of ‘ Mind Maps ‘, works on a similar principle but also incorporating other natural Human elements like geometrical shapes ( images ), colours & numbers, making it more engaging, attractive & stimulating for the Human learning process. A central image or text is placed in the centre of the worksheet, and associative ideas radially come off the central image/text forming a diagram that is in tune with which the Human brain is hard wired, as opposed to text linear formation.

The reason why there is much distress & disease in humanity is that the manmade institutions, organisations etc. are NOT in TUNE with Human Nature which leads to internal conflicts within the individual and so has a knock on effect within the wider society. We are not just a part of Nature, we are Nature, and Technology is Demonising Humanity by taking us away from our natural state of being i.e. to be HUMAN. According to Stoicism, God, Universe & Nature are all one of the same. One aspect that binds all humanity together ( not in some esoteric way ) but Biologically & Cosmologically is the iron found in all Human blood. The way this iron is created, is when two galaxies collide in the cosmos this iron which runs through Human blood is created, we are all STAR beings/creatures ( Aliens of sorts !!! ).

Now at this stage of life after suffering my first psychotic episode at the age of 24 and being on medication for 27 years

Authenticity is something I strive for now in all dealings & feelings with Humanity because now I am coming to terms with my Mortality, especially in this day & age of trouble & strife…..and coming to the ripe old age of 51 !!!

Throughout the years of suffering from my Mental Health conditions, when I look back and analyse what has served me and saved me was SPIRITUALITY. It started with studying Psychology, Para-Psychology, Dogmatised Religion and then ended with Spirituality, or more specifically that was the beginning. It was all part of the healing process, in future posts I will discuss my struggle with drug & nicotine addiction. Studies have shown that individuals with strong spiritual backbones, value and belief systems are much more resilient in overcoming addiction and illness, this can be clearly seen in the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous, which is fundamentally a peer-to-peer support network where Senior members & organisers host and regulate the meetings and give time for the members to share individually. One of the many philosophies of Narcotics Anonymous is “ Seek the similarities, NOT the differences “, and also find/take refuge in a Higher Being, “ A GOD of Your UNDERSTANDING”, with that said this brings me nicely onto the main part of the post :

-UNITY Through Similarity of Spiritual Philosophy-

To unravel the mysteries and sufferings of Humanity I seek the truth through Spiritual Philosophy, this is what has given me SOLACE & SANITY.












































Seeking the similarities NOT the differences, extensive research has not been done on the above list, but the superficial commonality that can be clearly seen is the A/AH/HA connection…. What does this mean…??

A/AH, means “ That Which is NOT “.

All cultures seem to have this common thread running through them, e.g Shanti in Hinduism, means Peace and A-shanti, means NOT at Peace.

If we persevere to look at the above list Dialectically ( i.e. more than one truth ), everything boils down to the Meaning, there is only NOTHING !!!


A Vacuum, A Void.

An Atom is the smallest particle, ( and there are also sub-atomic particles, Particum-Feminine, Partica-Masculine, and when both combine they form PARTIKI. ) is made of NOTHING, therefore our world as perceived by our human body senses is nothing but illusion of light, a hologramic universe of sorts. In Quantum Physics, Everything is made of WAVES ( Light & Sound Energy ), which is why we have Light Wheels commonly known as CHAKRAS in our bodies, all interconnected with ‘Nadis’ on a Network ( Which is where the name Nerves comes from )….this will be covered more in depth later on in blog posts to follow. We are primarily spirits, light beings in a physical body, not vice versa.

“ The Whole of the Universe is in a Single A-TOM “ Dalai Lama

“ See the Universe as ENERGY, VIBRATION & FREQUENCY “ Nikola Tesla

Is this what Buddha meant when he said…..

“ To go into NOTHING is to know EVERYTHING “…..Buddha

The number 108 in Hinduism represents 1=Something, 0=Nothing & 8=Everything. When the numerical figure of 8 is rotated 90 degrees clockwise, or anti clockwise the symbol of infinity ( Everything ) is formed ( ¥ ).

The number symbol 0 is given to Humanity by the Hindu’s, how can 0 i.e Nothing be understood e.g. when a hole is dug from the earth and the earth removed what is left….??? SPACE, i.e. NOTHING….Nothingness, The VOID.

In Summary : “ Something, Nothing & Everything,

Everything ON Everything = Nothing ( Cancels each other out ),

To go into Nothing, is to know Everything !!! “

In Mind Stream 2, we examine what I term as “ The Mini-Mental-Map of Consciousness”, known in Hinduism as the symbol ( and sound of creation ) AUM.


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